Carol Cares Foundation is a registered non-profit organization founded by Carol Chanda C. a registered nurse who resides in the United states.

Carol Cares Foundation offers services to disadvantaged children and women in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, teaching the community and creating awareness on communicable and preventable diseases, women rights, education and advocacy.

View any projects we are executing or plan to execute. Currently we need to fundraiser for a women’s resource center in Lusaka.

Please join us to be a helping hand and make the world a better place.

At Carol Cares we sale sell some products in order for us to raise some funds for our foundation.


Carol Cares is currently involved in several projects, including a recent mission trip in June 2017. We fed over 500 kids, adopted 5 secondary school kids and adopted ward BO3 at Uth for a facelift.

And also acquisition of land to build a woman’s resource center in Lusaka.


Read about our fundraising drive on our blog posts.


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We engage in Youth Mentoring as our passion for for a literate Africa. We envision an empowered youth who are productive to the challenges of our society.