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Carol Cares foundation was established to serve individuals and families in poorest communities in the world. CCF aims to empower, encourage and equip women and children…

What we do

Carol Cares Foundation offers services to disadvantaged children and women. Creating awareness on diseases prevention/health promotion, human rights, education for all and advocacy for vulnerable women and children .

Our Founder

A humanitarian, philanthropist, with a caring heart and a deep compassion for the needy and neglected in our society, a healthcare professional , an adoptive parent with a deep understanding of the plight of orphans, a radio personality, Journalist, an entrepreneur and above all, a practicing Registered Nurse, Winner of 2017 AD King Humanitarian Award, AIM Global Ambassador, Patron for Inter-sport Youth Soccer Initiative, Nominee, 2018 Rising Star, Mwape Peer Awards, Winner 2018 OZA, Philanthropist of the year.

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The Plight of orphans in Africa

The Plight of orphans in Africa

The plight of orphans in Africa is dire, most are at the mercy of relatives yet others find themselves as destitute adopting a life of crime on the streets, boys resort to stealing while girls resort to prostitution.Fountain of Hope Foundation in Kamwala helps take in...

Medical Mission – Zambia 2016

Medical Mission – Zambia 2016

Join us for our first mission trip to Zambia in June, 2016, our camp will be set up at Face of a child Foundation in Ndola, Zambia. A full screening camp for High blood pressure, Diabetes, Malaria and deworming kids


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How You Can Help

Hunger Relief

Help us impact the hunger and food insecurity issues among the poor in the communities we work with.


Spend a little of your time making a difference by volunteering with us.


Your donation will help us provide assistance where it’s needed the most.


Get engaged in our work by advocating for the issues that affect underprivileged mothers in Zambia.

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